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If You are a Kid.... You'll want a Sansa Shaker

The Shaker is ideal for kids: it is fun, colorful (pink or blue?), easy to operate, and relatively cheap ($39.99US). Best of all, you move from one song to the next by just shaking it, with a snap. (Though you can also use the controller bands for switching songs and changing volume.)

In the car, sitting in the back seat, kids can now have their own music. And they can customizSansa Shaker MP3 playere their Shaker using the special stickers that come included. Everyone will know who each Shaker belongs to.

The Shaker is designed for listening with friends: It has two headphone jacks so your best friend can listen along with you, and it has a built-in speaker for larger groups. And you can swap songs with your friends by lending them your 512 MB SD memory card – which is big enough to hold about 140 recorded songs.

The Sansa Shaker is currently come in blue and pink – and each MP3 player comes with a USB cable, lanyard, a battery, and pre-loaded songs. One AAA battery will give you about 15 hours of listening through your earphones.

Available from Sandisk or Amazon.com.

Youtube video shows 4 year-old doing the Shaker

(courtesy of mobilitysite)

Sansa Shaker Quick Links:

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