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Getting Your Tunes onto Your New Player

Now that you’ve got your new Sansa MP3 player, let’s get you on the short road to loading your tunes. No complicated programs to load, no software to install. Within just minutes of unwrapping your new toy, you can be using it to enjoy tunes on your way to the gym, in your car, at the grocery store…wherever you go, your music can be right there with you, in a matter of moments.

The Basics

The ease of the Sansa player lies in its click-and-drag technology. In order to load your music directly from your computer onto your player, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Plug the USB end of the cable that your player came with into an available USB port on your computer.
  2. Plug the other, larger end of the cable (called the Cable Dock Connector) into the matching end of your player. (Unless you purchase a separate wall charger for your player, you will also be using this cable to charge your player through your computer.)
  3. Your computer should recognize the new device, and a box will pop up on your computer screen with some options. Pick “Open device to view files.”
  4. Click on “Internal Memory.” Then, click on “Music.”
  5. Open the folder on your computer that contains your music: It is often “My Music” within the “My Documents” folder of your PC. But people sometimes create personalized ones… My Jams, My Tunes, what-have-you.

Now, from here, there are a few different options, depending on the size of your player and the size of your music library. For example, a 2-gigabyte player will hold approximately 1,000 songs (see “How Many Songs Are Supposed to Fit on My MP3 Player”), but many people’s libraries contain several thousand songs—if this is your case, you’ll have make some choices about which songs to load onto your player at one time, or read on about using micro cards in a moment.

If your whole library fits on your player:

  1. Go to your My Music window, and either click on Edit, then Select All, or hit Ctrl + A on your keyboard. Either of these actions will select all of the songs in your music folder.
  2. Next, either go to Edit again and select Copy, or hit Ctrl + C on your keyboard. This will make a copy of these files so you can move them to your player.
  3. Now, click on the folder for your Sansa player, and either go to Edit again and select Paste, or hit Ctrl + V. This will copy the songs you’ve selected onto your Sansa player.

If you do not have room for all of your music on your player or only want some songs on there:

  1. In your My Music window, click on each song you want and drag it individually into the folder of your player. (This option is for people with A LOT of free time and infinite patience).

For a quicker way to transfer select songs to your player:

  1. In your My Music window, hold down the Ctrl key, and click on each of the songs you want to copy. While you are holding down this key, the songs you click on will be highlighted, tracking what you’ve selected. To unselect a song, click on it once more and it should un-highlight.
  2. Once you’ve selected all of the songs you want to transfer, follow the steps for copying listed above: Edit/Copy, or Ctrl + C.
  3. Click over to your Sansa player window. Follow the instructions to paste the files here: Edit/Paste, or Ctrl + V.

A few warnings…

While copying music, your Sansa player might pop up a few messages. One might be “The file (file name) has one or more properties outside of device limits…do you wish to copy the file to the device anyway?”

Click “Yes” if you are only copying one song; click “Yes to All” if more than one. The songs should still play fine.

Once your songs are on your player, the file name might not display correctly, and might say “0000000A” or something like that. This will happen if the song’s title or artist is not formatted correctly or if there are unrecognized symbols; this won’t affect how the song plays, just what the display shows.

Then there are the Micro Cards!

Micro Cards As mentioned above, there is another option if you want all of your music available to play on your player, but it does not fit all at once.

Some Sansa players, like those in the Connect series, come equipped with a micro card slot, and you can copy different music lists onto these small cards similarly to how you copy music directly onto your player.

Using a USB card reader, you can copy music from your computer onto the cards by your preferences—you could have a “Rocking Out” card, a “Veggin’ Out” card, a “Party Hearty” card, a “Yoga Time” card, etc (although, they can get cranky in the yoga room if you rock out too much, so be careful on that one).

These cards act as removable playlists for your player, and by using these different cards in your Sansa you will again be able to access all of your music whenever you want, without being limited by the size of your device.

Windows Media Player and Yahoo Music Jukebox

Yahoo Music If you use either of these programs to manage and play your music on your computer, you can also use them to manage the music on your Sansa, making adding and removing songs even easier.

Using these programs, you can create playlists from your computer’s entire music library, and easily transfer those songs onto your player using the program--once you plug your player into the computer, WMP or YMJ will give you options like “Add songs to portable device” or “Synch library to device.”

You can also use these programs to play CD’s, then copy some or all of the songs from the CD onto your player. These programs are also very easy to use, and can be a huge help in organizing thousands of songs into readily accessible playlists for your Sansa.

With all of these easy-to-follow options to get music onto your player, you should be able to enjoy your new Sansa in no time at all. Whether it’s time to go for a run, wash the car, run errands, or do any of the other things that keep you on the go, your Sansa can quickly provide the soundtrack to your life.

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