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Katy Perry: So Hot AND Cold

Ok, I am officially in love with this girl.

How do you follow up to this summer's smashing "I Kissed a Girl"? The answer is "Hot and Cold", below:

I've heard this song on the radio a few times, but saw the official video for the first time today. What at first sounds like a kindergarten lesson on antonyms is actually a metaphor for a dude who just can't make up his mind. I mean, who hasn't been there, right?

Plus, her style is just so hot. The wedding motif may be a nod to Madonna's "Like a Virgin", which Perry covered in her recent VMA performace.

Also check out Katy's "UR So Gay", which has the Madonna stamp of approval as well; she told Arizona radio hosts JohnJay & Rich that it was her "favorite song right now":

Click on her picture to play


The song has garnered some criticism for being homophobic; homosexual periodical The New Gay   claims that the combination of her songs "I Kissed a Girl" and "UR So Gay" highlights the negative connotation of "guys kissing is gross, girls kissing is hot" and says, "it’s time to call bulls**t on Katy Perry" and the "tired gay stereotypes" thats he uses in the lyrics of "UR So Gay". 

So how does Katy respond? "It’s not a negative connotation. It’s not 'you’re so gay,' like 'you're so lame,' but the fact of the matter is that this boy should’ve been gay. I totally understand how it could be misconstrued or whatever...I wasn’t stereotyping anyone in particular, I was talking about ex-boyfriends."

My humble opinion? Being emo is a little gay, whether or not you actually are; just ask Pete Wentz.

The lyrics are simply a representation of a girl who is frustrated with the fact that her BF wears more eyeliner than she does, and he doesn't even swing that way (it would be more forgivable if he did).
Basically, the way she uses the word "gay" does not harbor insult, it just illustrates a guy who's a bit too feminine for his own good, which does reiterate a sterotype for homosexuals that might be viewed as offensive... for those without a sense of humor. 

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