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Top Ten Songs I don't listen to

The following is the 10 most popular songs of the week based on the top downloads from online song retailers.

Not that I disagree wirh them, but non of them really make me want to stop, dowload and pay .99 cents for....

Song Title Artist
1 1 Bleeding Love Leona Lewis
2 2 4 Minutes Madonna & Justin
3 3 Pocketful Of Sunshine Natasha Bedingfield
4 5 Love In This Club Usher Featuring Young Jeezy
5 6 Low Flo Rida Featuring T-Pain
6 4 Lollipop Lil Wayne
7 -- Take A Bow Rihanna
8 8 See You Again Miley Cyrus
9 7 No Air Jordin Sparks Duet With Chris Brown
10 -- Violet Hill Coldplay

What do you think? Download worthy?

The Perfect Valentine's Day Song...

Looking for a perfect Valentine's Day song? Look no further than "Accidentally in Love!"

The band Counting Crows was founded in 1991, and became really popular in 1993 and 1994 with the release of their hit single, "Mr. Jones."

They've turned out a number of hits since then, such as "Hangin' Around," "Hard Candy," and "American Girls." Typically, the Counting Crows could be described as being thoughtful, introspective, somber, and sometimes a little sad.

That makes their hit song even more surprising. We guarantee you'll be humming this fun track all day (or at least, for most of it.) We hope you all had a great Valentine's Day!

Click here to listen to Accidentally in Love by the Counting Crows!

Franz Ferdinand: Take Me Out

This hot single from Scottish quartet Franz Ferdinand will have you bouncing around and ready to party. It maintains a new alternative/punk sound while simultaneously sounding a little "old school." Unusual, beautiful, and striking, the music video for this track showcases the band's avant-garde style.

Jamiroquai: Still Bringin' the Funk

In our experience, it's hard to find current bands who really "bring the funk." Fans of this style music are hungry for new artists who keep the sound alive, and put their own unique twist on it.

Jamiroquai (also known as Jason Kay) has been around since the early 1990's, and has put out hit after hit. "Cosmic Girl," "Canned Heat," and "Little L" are just some of the worldwide funky hits put out by this mastermind.

Check out this live version of "Starchild," from his newest album, "Dynamite."

Man, I wish I could get away with wearing a hat like that...

The Song Behind the "Caveman" Commercial...

Most everyone's heard of Geico, the insurance company with the inventive ad campaigns. Most everyone's seen the "Caveman" commercials, too. But, have you heard of Royksopp?

This electronic music duo hailing from Norway have put out some of the most popular downtempo electronica tracks in recent years. This song, "Remind Me," was the song featured in the famous commercial. We're sure you'll enjoy the suble vocals and intricate melodies of this song. The video, done by French graphics studio H5, is world-renowned for being fascinating and very technical.

Evanescence: Bring Me To Life

Alternative and hard rock fans, make sure that you check out this video by Evanescence - "Bring Me To Life." Watch the beautiful Amy-Lee float through an urban landscape in this global hit song!

Ever been in love?

If you have, then you'll certainly enjoy this awesome track from Hellogoodbye called "Here (In Your Arms)" This powerpop quartet has created one of the most uplifting, high energy pop tracks out there - it's sure to put you in a great mood!

I'm cooler online!

My new hero Brad Paisley has created the ultimate country song and video. Even if you aren't into country, you've gotta check this out. Guest stars William Shatner, Jason Alexander, and those really hot blonde girls that live down the street.

Other than that, I can SO relate to this...

Normally you can view Youtube videos right here, embeded in the blog. But embeding has been turned off for this video.

So see it here:

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