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Sid Melancon Country's Rising Star

If you are into Country Music you should check out Sid's Album.

"On My Own" by Sid Melancon is a collection of impressive country songs brought to you with a modern sound and a bit of tradition. The album is strong in many ways. The lyrics are clever and tell a story. Sid's vocals are certainly memorable, both in terms of excellent pitch as well as his well-suited country voice. The excellent harmonies in the choruses of many of these tracks are also noteworthy. The arrangements and musicianship behind Sid's vocals are professional, lively, and well layered. Overall the CD has a commercial radio-ready professional quality. Highlights include "Stronger in Love," a tale of love lost that is a definite sing-along. "Done Her Wrong" is a high energy upbeat tune, with a nice walking bass line and fun solos. "Just What to do" is another "barn-burner" with nothing but a good time in mind. If you enjoy country music, especially male country vocalists, you'll like this one.

William and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team - RadioIndy

Here is a video of the song Quotes from the album.


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