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Does Anyone Listen to Howard Stern?

I just read an article on the New York Times that said no one cares about Howard Stern anymore. For your information it is here.

 I for one would have to agree. Between the Sirius/XM debacle and the fact that he is no longer a "Shock Jock", especially on Sirius he is just another channel that may or may not be interesting. All he has anymore is a show about "nothing" just like Seinfeld had.

 They talk about what happened during their time between shows and what personal things the "stars"did and things like that.  Do the masses care what Artie did when on vacation, or what Wendy the Retar.. or Nap A%% Ed, or what Eric the Midget (Actor) etc, did lately? I don't know but it is old news and he is throwing out there.

Howard, you are now on Sirius, you need to step it up or just play out your contract. From what I see you are trying to just play out your contract. Anyone could do that.

 What do you think? Is the show a waste of time now, did you ever listen to it. I am wondering.

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