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January 19, 2009 07:42 PM

Categories: General Sansa Discussion

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Joined: 01/31/2008

Now, I have written of the evils of iPod, and now I will share my equal hatred of Zune.

Now, if any of you have read my former posts and articles, I love Sansa products. But unfortunately, something keeps happening to them (dropped in tub, some were borrowed and had to be returned, etc). So for Christmas my husband gave me a Zune. I figured that a lot of my guff with iPod was that it was only Apple-friendly and Zune was supposed to be designed for Microsoft users, so this relationship was going to work out okay. 


I have a folder on my computer that hold all my music. Everything I could possibly want to put on my MP3 player, and some things I wouldn't. I first knew there was going to be a problem when I found an album on my Zune that I had deleted from my Zune collection... WTF? Not only that, but there were songs that had made there way on to the device that I didn't like. So back to the old PC where I could open my Zune and figure it out. Turns out, the songs I don't like... CAN'T be deleted! I right-click, select "delete from Zune" and guess what? Yes, it DOESN'T delete! It's like the frikkin' poltergeist Zune! So I ask it to clear the entire device of everything, only to find that not only are the undeletable songs STILL THERE, but the aforementioned music folder I keep on my PC was EMPTY!!! I searched Zune threads and forums, and basicallyall the help I get is "change [this] setting". I have tried just about every option available but the sucking Zune is still giving me the same B.S. 

I feel so stuck. I actually cried, I kid you not. I mean, I can't return it, I could sift through Microsoft's "help" folders on the website all day only to find nothing, I could call a help staff member (who probably barely speaks English) and they wouldn't know what to do either (how often do they "help"?)

If you have similar problems, I'm not asking for your help (unless you think you have it), I'm just asking for YOUR experience. 

One of the reasons I was so happy with Sansa was that it was for techno-illiterates like me. I plugged it in, there was a window, and I copied the music from my computer to my Sansa. I don't need "podcasts" or these "social" options. I just want portable music, and that has been apparently too much to ask. 

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January 20, 2009 8:03 PM

The Sansa devices do make it very easy to use. Maybe thats because the iPod and Zune are made by manufacturers that want you to use their software and the Sansa is software independent.

Can you return your Zune and get a Sansa device?

BC Support Design and Development

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